1958 VW Type 2 Split Window Bus

For Sale

1958 VW Type 2 Split Window Bus
Runs Great
Miiles: over 150,000
Price: $19,500

This looks as if you’ve finally cracked the code to your time machine. For you it’s the eleventh hour and you’ve idled away the time in the “meta”.  No worries that VW Bus you roll in with enables you to become some sort of super human. You are well past the 19 aught sixties, in this 1958 Bus.

You are the type to keep records although not accurate and not in any chronological order they are reminders of coincidences that make up the purpose in your life. And they are always absolutely totally on the mark.

Acquaintances need not bother for your time. You’ve now found your true calling in this pressed bumper Bus. Most original components intact.

For more details contact:
Culmination Motorsports, Inc.

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1958 VW Type 2 Split Window Bus For Sale